Treatment rooms

Treatment rooms

Let yourself be taken away on a journey in the tranquillity in our two elegantly furnished treatment cabins.

The aqua-relaxation area

The aqua-relaxation area

A steam room, sauna and hydro-massage bath make up this aqua-relaxation space making it a great place to re-charge your batteries.


10 euros per adult per half-day


Treatments and massages

Indonesian Ceremony

Bodily exfoliation of your choice followed by a Maori mango butter wrapping. Nourishes, hydrates, and encourages cellular regeneration. Prolongs tanning.

60 min: €80

Jardins de Beauval Ceremony

Relaxation circuit – sauna, steam room, hydro-massage bath – followed by a massage for silky smooth and deeply nourished skin.

60 min: €60

Chinese Imperial Ceremony

‘Ko Bi Do’ facial treatment, hand treatment using lotus flower and rice powder.

90 min: €120

Balinese cruise

Exfoliation using pomegranate and fig sugar, followed by a Balinese shea butter ritual and a ‘Bubble of well-being’ facial treatment.

120 min: €160

Polynesian Cruise

Exfoliation using fine Bora Bora sand and monoi, followed by mango butter wrapping and a massage of the body using frangipani flower.

120 min: €160

Creole Coconut Exfoliation

A moment of Creole tranquillity to beautify and deeply hydrate the skin. Creole body lotion with its warm enchanting aromas from the islands, is applied following the exfoliation.

30 min: €40

Pomegranate and Fig Sugar Exfoliation

Subtle grains of fruit and sugar gently exfoliate the skin. Shea Butter is applied after the exfoliation to deeply nourish the skin.

30 min: €40

Fine Bora Bora Sand and Monoi Exfoliation

Polynesian style exfoliation using a gentle exotic perfume, followed by the application of Tiaré Flower tropical body lotion.

30 min: €40

‘Bubble of Well-being’ Facial Treatment

‘Radiance boost’ facial treatment adapted to your skin type, combined with relaxing massage for the face, neck and trapezius.

30 min: €40

‘Ko Bi Do’ Facial Treatment

A ‘natural face lift’ inspired by a Japanese ritual, the ‘Ko Bi Do’ is a smoothing ‘anti-wrinkle’ facial treatment that utilises active, yet relaxing massage. Smooths out lines on the face and tones the neck.

60 min: €80 or 90 min: €120

Youthful Facial Care Treatment with Damask Rose

Hydrating and soothing facial treatment, particularly suitable for sensitive skin, encouraging relaxation using the subtle fragrance of Damask rose.

60 min: €80

Relaxing Leg Massage

Ayurvedic stimulating massage, acting on the energy circulation of the legs. Encourages lightness and vitality.

30 min: €40

Back Ritual

Stimulating or relaxing massage of the back, arms and neck to release muscular tension. Encourages the release of stress.

30 min: €40

Polynesian Ritual

Massage using the hands and forearms to envelope the body with movements mimicking ocean waves, using tropical nectar with frangipani blossoms.

60 min: €80 or 90 min: €120

Californian Ritual

Slow and deep massage with gentle, broad movements using hot oil. Allows total well-being and relaxation. Ideal for unwinding.

60 min: €80 or 90 min: €120

Balinese Ritual

Relaxing Balinese massage combining gentle Thai stretches with traditional massage techniques.

60 min: €80

Ayurvedic Ritual

Millenia-old, stimulating Indian massage that uses hot oil to relax areas of tension. Restores energy and vitality.

60 min: €80


Practical information

Spa open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Establishment located near Les Jardins de Beauval hotel. Swimwear and flip-flops are mandatory (for sale on site if needed). Reservation by telephone: 0254 757 495 from France or +33 (0)254 757 495 from abroad, every day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.